Getting Aura installed and ready-to-go should only take a few minutes. You can install Aura on same host where WebSphere to be managed is installed or on a central host from where you can manage all your WebSphere hosts.


Installing Aura on a central host will required

  • WebSphere thin client jars (looking at size of the jars it is not that thin!),
  • Security property files and key stores
  • IBM JDK copied or installed; 1.6 or above
Key installation

IBM JDK 1.6. or above is required


1: Unzip/Untar the download

2: Set JAVA_HOME to location of IBM JDK

3: Set AURA_HOME to location Aura installation location

4: Optionally set AURA_REPO, default is “.aura_repo” in users home directory

Install WAS Libraries

1: Run below the command and follow the instructions

$ aura was:install-plugin

Key installation

IBM Thin Client JAR files,, properties and certs will be copied to AURA_REPO